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Clouding NOW implementation Team Experts bring together cloud, IT technology expertise, and a deep understanding of the way people work. By involving our customers in a highly iterative deployment approach powered by collaborative technology, and with access to unlimited resources through crowdsourcing, we deliver results in Days, rather than Months


Our end-to-end cloud solutions ensure seamless content migration from ‘on premise’ to the cloud, with no downtime!

Customer Oriented

CloudingNow brings the right cloud solution for you, customized to meet your business requirements.


Identification of the optimal technical set-up and licensing arrangements, maximizing ROI on the IT investment.


Seamless move of content from ‘on premise’ to the cloud, without downtime!

24/7 SLA

around the clock service and support including management of updates, server management, backups and upgrades of cloud software.


Our team combines expertise with traditional middleware, cloud middleware and cloud APIs to help you develop the right integration strategy and architecture for your cloud applications.

Benefits to your business


You only pay for what you need and use


Access your content anytime, anywhere and via any device

Flexibility & Scalability

Our cloud based services adapt to provide the most suitable technological solution to meet your evolving technology business needs.  Relevant additional features and services can be easily added when necessary


No need to educate yourself about train or learn new software components

Monitoring & Back-up

Monitored performance and backup options available

Bring the power of the Cloud to your company.

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