CloudingNow is a customer-centered cloud services integrator, managing cloud production infrastructure & SaaS.

CloudingNow delivers a full range of cloud infrastructure services, and partners with all leading cloud vendors, including  Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

At CloudingNow, we’re passionate about providing the optimum cloud solution for you, perfectly tailored to your growing business.

Internet cloud computer connections

Our Solutions


Architecture, Design & Cloud Implementation.


Hybrid Solutions & On-Premise Migration to the Cloud.


Cloud Operations & Management.


Cloud & Software Licensing Consultation.

It’s not only about building the right solution in the cloud,
it is about maintaining it.

Working along with your development team, our expert cloud architects will make sure that your business is always up. We update builds and versions and ensure that your environment meets your business requirements, while keeping your costs at the lowest possible rates by monitoring your consumption and optimizing your cloud usage.

Bring the power of the Cloud to your company.

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