CloudingNow experts help organizations rapidly integrate essential business systems and add-on technologies

By working with Clouding Now, organizations ensure that integration-related business questions have solid solutions from the start.

We believe in

Pay only for what you need.

Access your content anytime, anywhere and by any type of device.

Flexibility & Scalability – as your technology needs growth and change, cloud based services can easily be adjusted to your requirements, while features and services can be easily added.

No need to become familiarized with new software.

Monitored performance and backup options.

Our Skill Set

Senior Level Architects & Account
Customer Oriented
Proof on ROI
Customer Satisfaction

Shachar Nativ

Co founder, CEO

  • Shachar brings many years of international experience in advanced technologies from the technical, applicative, systemic, regulatory, theoretical and managerial aspects.
  • The moto that Shachar brings to any IT related project is that in order to be able to design and build any technological solution we must first develop deep understanding of the business requirements of the customers.
  • Shachar is a leading expert on Microsoft licensing. He has vast experience in managing IT related projects.
  • Shachar also holds and MSc and a PhD (ABD) from the University of Oxford, UK, an MA from the University of Warwick, UK and a BA from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

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