Google Container Engine

Google Container Engine

The future of cloud containers at Google

Google Container Engine, powered by the open source technology Kubernetes, enables you to run and manage Docker containers on Google Cloud Platform’s virtual machines.

Run Docker containers on Google Cloud Platform, powered by Kubernetes. Container Engine takes care of provisioning and maintaining the underlying virtual machine cluster, scaling your application, and operational logistics like logging, monitoring, and health management.

Linux-based container infrastructure is an emerging cloud technology based on fast and lightweight process virtualization. It provides its users an environment as close as possible to a standard Linux distribution. As opposed to para-virtualization solutions (Xen) and hardware virtualization solutions (KVM), which provide virtual machines (VMs), containers do not create other instances of the operating system kernel. Due to the fact that containers are more lightweight than VMs, you can achieve higher densities with containers than with VMs on the same host (practically speaking, you can deploy more instances of containers than of VMs on the same host).

Container Engine has taken inspiration from the systems that run Google’s internal workloads. While these systems were originally built to operate at unprecedented levels of scale and efficiency, the patterns they introduced are relevant to everyone. Container Engine allows you to break your application into smaller, atomic units that can be easily organized, managed and wired together. This enables all parts of your application to effortlessly scale to any level you need. By adding the concept of a cluster (a large logical computer that stitches together lots of individual machines) and using Docker to package your application, Container Engine allows you to rapidly test and deploy your application. It takes care of scaling, monitoring and the health of your containers.

Google Container Engine groups together a set of Google Compute Engine VMs into a compute cluster that is managed for you. It lets you get the most out of your compute infrastructure and simplifies the development and deployment of distributed applications. Container Engine lets you:

  • spin up a Kubernetes cluster in minutes on fast-booting Google Compute Engine VMs
  • deploy a composite or distributed Docker packaged application quickly and easily
  • make containers accessible to one another, and the outside world with deep integration into the powerful Andromeda based virtual network
  • easily manage and monitor the health of your applications
  • deploy services easily and make them discoverable to other parts of your application
  • organize your complex systems with a powerful label based management system


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